The 5 ways I'm marketing myself in 2016

Today I’m going to get frank about how I’m marketing myself as a photographer. Here are the top 5 strategies I’ve been focusing on to get my photography business off the ground.


I recently sent out my first round of promotional postcards or mailers to local business that I wanted to work with. They have my logo, examples of my work, what service I offer and where to contact me or see more work. My second round will be to local ad agencies to try and gain a portfolio review to get bigger client work. Here is what mine currently look like:


Starting this blog has been the most creative, fulfilling, time consuming, frustrating, confusing endeavor. I’m still figuring it all out. I’m hoping the new direction I’ve taken it in is going to be great for the audiences I’m trying to reach. So far I have this blog on a separate site than my photography website but I like that its separate for now. I still have my portfolio site linked on the blog and vice versa so both can drive traffic to each other. I’m hoping this blog will put me in touch with great clients to work with and find other ways to monetize besides shooting with clients such as working with camera gear brands and services that I already use and approve like Nikon or Sigma.

Social Media

Ever since I started this blog I have ramped up my social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest which I have recently learned is a super powerful tool for getting your work seen. I have scheduled social media and I organically go through and like, retweet, comment and share when I have little pockets of time throughout the day. I think I’ve gotten obsessed with Twitter because of this. The timeline moves so fast and I just don’t want to miss out on anything to post or see. I live on Facebook so posting on that platform hasn’t been an issue. I get most of my traffic from Facebook sharing. Instagram and Pinterest are the ones I need to work on because I use those the least, although I’ve been getting increased traffic on Instagram because of my Fashion Photography Word of the Day series and the photo challenges I participate in. 

Email List

This is the one thing that I’ve just learned the importance of and have been putting on the back-burner. I just have no idea what to email subscribers. I have an email list for the blog but not for my portfolio website so I plan on making a subscribe option on that site as well. I made my first lead magnet or freebie for my blog which has brought in a few subscribers. I’m looking into creating notices about me being available for booking, new blog posts and eventually my podcasts and Youtube videos to send to my email list.


Courtesy of APA Atlanta. 

Courtesy of APA Atlanta. 

So far I have been going to APA (American Photographic Artists) events whenever they have them to meet other photographers and learn. Their events are usually learning experiences like the photo assistant training I went to and the Capture Pro Tech training . Also September/October is Atlanta Celebrates Photography here in Atlanta. The celebration is chock full of gallery openings, a portfolio review and walk, a charity auction and other events throughout the two months. I’ve been trying to go to as many interested events as a can to meet photo studio owners or photographers that may need assistants or interns. As a fashion photographer, I try to immerse myself in the Atlanta fashion scene by going to fashion related events as well in hopes to meet potential clients, fellow creative to collaborate with or to just learn a thing or that may make me a better informed fashion photographer. The number one thing a fashion photographer needs to know about is fashion. If you’re not keeping up with the trends of your industry, how will you know what your client wants?

What ways are you marketing yourself as a photographer? What strategies are you putting in place to gain more clients this year? Let me know in the comments below!