3 Tips for How to Dress for Your Personal Brand Headshots

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What should I wear for my photo shoot? I get asked this question so many times by my potential clients.  While I am by no means a stylist, after assisting a few photographers on their shoots and coordinating plenty of my own,  I feel that there are a few guidelines that you should go by when deciding how to dress for your personal branding or headshot photo shoot.

Photo by Jordan of The Hat Logic

Photo by Jordan of The Hat Logic


Decide What Image You Want To Give Off

What is your brand? How do you want to be perceived? Create a mood board based on people whose image and brand inspire you and how you would like people to see you. Get detailed with the mood board from outfits you like to hair and makeup choices and locations. Do you want a clean image shot in a studio setting or something more on-location or in your workspace? Show those in the moodboard. I recommend Pinterest if you aren’t as savvy with Photoshop like my client Jasmine of Jasmine Easter.com with her moodboard below.

jasmine easter_aspencierraphotography_moodboard


Blend In Your Personality/Brand

Do you have certain colors that are identifiable with you or your brand? Start by considering those. I love a classic pattern such as stripes or polka dots and am known for wearing them frequently. If you have a statement necklace you always wear or a signature lip color then wear that. If you don’t wear makeup on the regular then don’t come to your shoot with an overly done or “beat” face. It will come off as unauthentic. If you want to wear makeup keep it as natural as possible.

Photo by  Shannon Elizabeth .


Stray From Clashing or Trendy Pieces

Try to stay away from trendy items or clothing with sayings on it unless they directly relate to your brand. I had a client that is a licensed psychologist and works with primarily black teens and young adults so it worked for her wearing a “Black Girls Are Magic” shirt but may have nothing to do with your accounting brand so stick to what works. Wear solid colors or very classic prints that are visibly digestible. Now is not the time to pair a paisley shirt with chevron printed pants to be adventurous.  


Here’s How I Did It:

I enlisted the help of one of my blogger buddies, Jordan of The Hat Logic, to be my photographer for my updated look.  One of my favorite online stores, ModCloth, let me pick out an outfit to use for these photos. I picked out this super soft and stretchy polka top with an adorable bow accent at the top and a flowy bright red skirt that just screams me. People that know me know that I love red and wear red quite a bit.  I love the combination of red, black and white and I feel that red is such a statement color. It gives me power. Whenever I wear it I feel super confident and can take on the world. My outfit choice was really solidified when I saw people that looked like me in the style galleries that Modcloth’s website had for each item. It’s always tricky with online shopping when you’re not a veteran at it like me but even this veteran appreciates them going the extra mile.

Photos of outfit by Jordan of The Hat Logic. 

You can find my outfit here:

Polka Dot Top- Modcloth

Red Skirt - Modcloth

Shoes- Madewell