Case Study: The Hat Logic Blogger Photoshoot

Jordan Chapman is an Atlanta-based fashion blogger and photographer. She came to me to shoot specifically for her blog, The Hat Logic, where she needed additional help shooting new content for both her blog and social media content. She knew of me before she knew I was a photographer, and ended up meeting through our mutual blogger friend, Anastasia of Greige Market.  As we became better friends, she wanted to shoot with me, but our schedules never previously lined up.

We ended up shooting 3 looks for an upcoming post about graduation dresses. I asked her a few questions about why she chose to work with me and if it benefited her in any way.  

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_1

What did your decision-making process look like when picking Aspen Cierra Photography? What was most important to you when evaluating your options of photographers?

I’ve seen Aspen’s work across Atlanta, so I wanted to shoot with her because I know she’s great inside and outside of the studio. When evaluating photographers, obviously price is a factor, but also quality of work. When the work is good like Aspen, it makes up for any price. Good photos don’t have a price.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_2

What made Aspen Cierra Photography stand out against the competitors?

The quality of her work and the passion. I can tell that other photographers are just shooting a million shots and hoping for the best, but what I loved about Aspen is that she could take my direction, but also give me tips to help make the photos great.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_3

What challenges were you experiencing prior to working with Aspen Cierra Photography?

It was hard scheduling, but that was mostly my fault with school and also, I had to shoot my photos on my own. I didn’t have a photographer in Atlanta that I could work with, so I wanted to find someone who could work with me.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_4

What was the project and what were your goals for the shoot?

I was shooting for my blog and also for my social media, I was looking to get to know Aspen on a work level. I wanted good quality photos that were great with color and making each location look special.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_5

How have you benefited from using the blog photography service?

I benefited because I no longer have to use my tripod to shoot photos. I get to work with a friend and also come out with quality photography. The blog photography service was easy, but also comprehensive, which was perfect for my blog, where I don’t post everyday. I shot multiple looks at one time and our styles line up enough that we were able to bounce ideas off of each other and come out with great pictures.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_6

How has Aspen Cierra Photography helped you save time and increase productivity?

She really helped me by shooting so many looks at once. I can shoot a month’s worth of content with her in a few hours, which is something I can’t say about many other people. I was able to plug the photos easily into blog posts that I have been working on, so I now have a lot of content.

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_7

Has your social media or blog traffic increased. If so, by how much?

Yes, but not the blog. Social media has, but I also haven’t posted on my blog that much. I get more impressions on my social media posts now, by a couple hundred.  

Here’s what Jordan had to say about working with me and whether she would choose Aspen Cierra Photography for her photography needs: “Of course, and I’m not just saying that because we are friends. I’d work with Aspen because we work together well, but also because the quality of her work is above all of the other photographers in Atlanta. She knows her worth and it’s well worth meeting up again. Aspen is not only a great photographer, but she is also a great person to shoot with. She made me feel comfortable and laugh a lot of the awkwardness that can come with shooting out in public, but she’s also very professional. We knocked out the work in a few hours and I now have some amazing photos to show for it. She’s a great friend, but also a great photographer, who knows her way inside and outside of the studio. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to shoot my blog photos with and I cannot wait to work with her in the future”

Aspen Cierra Photography_Jordan_The Hat Logic_8

Now that sounds like a happy client. I love working with bloggers that are dedicated to their craft and are a blast to work with. If you are blogger in Atlanta, check out my website for examples of my work and how to book me. If you are in or near Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and D.C. I’m not shy of traveling and will posted for my traveling dates throughout the year.

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