The #1 myth that’s stopping you from better photography

The #1 myth that’s stopping you from achieving better photography is something that everyone falls prey to, including myself. You may be starting out small with just a camera phone, a point and shoot or maybe even an entry-level DSLR and you’re thinking that you won't be able to create the photos you need with the low budget equipment you have. WRONG. Here is why you shouldn’t let your lack of equipment stop your photography.

You learn to work with what you have

Take it from someone who has learned the ins and out of her equipment because we can’t all drop $3000 on a camera plus an array of equally expensive lenses. I got by with using the same F/1.8 50mm lens for 3 years until I had the money to upgrade to my current lens, a F/4 24-105mm lens. Notice I still only have the one lens. I bought a lens that could somewhat do it all. I learned how to work with the limitations of that lens as well. The F/4 aperture opening on my current lens doesn’t do as well in low lighting situations as my previous F/1.8 50mm lens but I make it work. I either carefully crank up the ISO and watch out for possibly grainy photos or bring in my flash to illuminate the space.

You learn to think outside the box

When you don’t have all the appropriate tools and gadgets you learn how to improvise. Don't have a studio for those flat lays? Build a lightbox out of 4 white board taped together and use your camera’s flash to make that white background pop. Don’t have lighting equipment for your Youtube videos? Set up your camera near a window where the most light comes in and start shooting! Your creativity is what is going to get you through the other side with an amazing image.

Fstoppers talks about Gear Acquisition Syndrome inWhy Your Gear Might Be Holding You Back From Being A Better Photographer,” and how it can drain our wallets as well as our creative spirits when we think we can’t create because we don’t have XYZ. At the end of the day the fancy gear doesn’t necessarily translate into a better image. So resist the urge to go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment only to be confused at how to use it. Work with what you have or can afford and invest as you grow.

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