7 Fashion Photography Blogs That Will Benefit You

As a fashion photographer, I seek information from fashion websites and sites solely dedicated to the art of photography but there are very few sites that talk about fashion photography specifically that resonate with me. This is part of the reason why I created this blog. I wanted to be a resource that people could relate with. I decided to share with you guys a few blogs that I find inspirational and beneficial to fashion photographers and those that appreciate the medium.

Courtesy of  The Breed . 

Courtesy of The Breed

The Breed

The Breed is more than just a blog about fashion photography. It’s a place where photographers, models, hair stylists and more come to learn about fashion photography and their role in that space. I’ve been listening to their accompanying podcast since it’s inception in 2014 where co-creators Melissa Rodwell and Marius Troy, as well as other contributing industry professionals answer questions and share their experiences as working professionals in their world of fashion photography. While The Breed has a wealth of knowledge for free, for $22 a month, readers have access to their premium content. They even teach online and in-person workshops, which I am dying to go to, such as their Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting Masterclass or their Fashion Shoot-Portfolio Building Days. One day The Capture will be on their level of providing a wealth of knowledge to fellow industry professionals. Until then I will ooh and aah and soak up all the information they give me.

Courtesy of  The Sartorialist .

Courtesy of The Sartorialist.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is a street style staple in the world of fashion photography, much like Atlanta’s own Atlanta Street Fashion blog. Street style fashion photographer Scott Schuman features the style of street patrons across the globe.

Courtesy of  Retouching Blog . 

Courtesy of Retouching Blog

Retouching Blog

Retouching Blog is a blog created by fellow SCAD Atlanta alumna Tia Jones. She is a freelance photographer and expert retoucher that features curated tutorials, inspiring images and numerous resources for photographers and their imagery on her blog. You can find amazing tutorials for advanced frequency separation, how to remove blemishes and even more retouching gems. I definitely find myself going to her blog because I am literally the worst at retouching. I need to just hire her to retouch all my images.

Courtesy of  Lara Jade . 

Courtesy of Lara Jade

Lara Jade’s Blog

I’ve been following photographer Lara Jade for quite a while now. She is a young 20-something photographer from the UK that now resides in NYC. She is big on the teaching circuit, having plenty of classes on Creative Live and in-person workshops. Her blog showcases her work and behind the scenes of shoots with models, celebrities and big fashion campaigns. I’m always drawn to her work because her style is one that I aspire to reach one day: clean, soft and well executed.

Courtesy of Lisolette Fleur. 

Courtesy of Lisolette Fleur. 

Lisolette Fleur-The Fashion Camera

The Fashion Camera is probably one of my most interesting find yet because it literally looks like the future of The Capture. Dutch fashion photographer Lisolette Fleur created The Fashion Camera to be more interactive than just a portfolio site but to show her story as a photographer. She features behind-the-scenes of photo shoots, tips, answers photography related questions, tutorials and more plus her own travels through photographs. The only thing that throws me off is that there are a mix of posts in English and Dutch so I either Google Translate or just read the ones that are in English. All her vlogs are in Dutch so I miss out on those. Other than that, content wise, this blog is now my current inspiration for the The Capture.

Courtesy of  Ben Travato .

Courtesy of Ben Travato.

Ben Travato

This blog is a curated online fashion photography and film publication. It features photographers and and showcases their works based on submissions to a certain theme. Although I don’t think its current anymore, it's worth backtracking and checking out the archive. It was started by Marius Troy, the same guy who helped co-found The Breed with Melissa Rodwell so it’s got to be worth a look.

Last but not least we have...

Courtesy of  Fashion Photography Blog . 

Fashion Photography Blog

The name says it all. Plain and simple. This blog is very informative and brands itself as a purveyor of industry information. It talks about everything from business and behind-the-scenes to interviews, inspiration and plenty more resources. This blog is quick and to-the-point about being a place to get knowledge without having to sift through vanity posts. I originally started following this blog years ago when it was just Melissa Rodwell running it. (Man I sure do love everything she’s made for fashion photographers.) Now that the site has completely redesigned and features contributions from a team of photographers, the wealth of knowledge has just expanded. I like to think of Rodwell as a fashion photography mogul and would love to emulate her business acumen one day.

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