Capturing Fashion’s 2016 Photo Ready Gift Guide


To get in the spirit of Black Friday and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season I’ve rounded up my top picks for cameras, lenses, lighting and camera accessories. Whether you are a blogger, an business owner, novice photographer or a professional like me there will be something that piques your interest or the interest of someone you love this holiday season. Also all my picks can be found on Amazon because let’s be real, you’re going to do a lot of your shopping on there anyway. Who can pass up that Amazon Prime 2-day shipping? I literally just made a new Amazon account to get the one month free trial to get free 2-day shipping for the holiday season (Shhhh. Don’t tell.)


  1. If you’re a stylish fashion blogger the Olympus PEN E-PL8 is for you. The flip down LCD screen is perfect for taking flat lays or can flip up for the perfect selfie. It’s a great camera for on-the-go and is its own breathtaking accessory.  BUY HERE

  2. This instant film throwback is perfect for the nostalgic at heart. Plus the photos are the perfect keepsake for scrapbooking or keeping the memory in a wallet. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera. BUY HERE

  3. Here are my recommendations for great entry level cameras.The Nikon D3300 BUY HERE 

  4. And the Canon EOS Rebel T5 BUY HERE, which is $100 cheaper than the T6 that came out this year and works just the same.

  5. Aspen’s Pro Pick: If you’re a more experienced photographer looking for a powerhouse full frame shooter, I’m partial to my personal camera the Nikon D800 BUY HERE

  6. Or the Canon equivalent industry standard camera would be the Canon Mark III 5D BUY HERE which is over a grand less than the newer Mark IV 5D.


  1. A 50mm is a good standard lens for any photographer to have. It’s great for portraits and is similar in depth of field to your natural eyesight. Nikon BUY HERE Canon BUY HERE

  2. An 85mm lens is great for beauty shots and portraits. Canon BUY HERE  Nikon BUY HERE

  3. 75-300mm lens are essential zoom lenses for detail shots or just getting closer up when necessary . Canon BUY HERE  Nikon BUY HERE

  4. Aspen’s Pro Pick : The Sigma 24-105mm F/4.0 Art Lens for Nikon is currently in my camera bag as we speak. I invested in the lens at the beginning of the year when I went to the Imaging USA photography convention and haven’t looked back. It’s my primary lens and has for every shooting situation I’ve been in this year from studio and on location shoot to events and simple portraits. BUY HERE


  1. This portable light box is perfect for shooting small flat lays or product images in a contained space without having to have a large studio setup. Foldio 2 - 15" Folding Portable Lightbox Studio. BUY HERE

  2. Ring lights are amazing for beauty photos. They illuminate the face, especially the eyes and you can shoot through them or have them attached to your camera like these: Ring Light for Nikon DSLR Camera. BUY HERE  or Ring Light for Canon DSLR Camera. BUY HERE

  3. I’ve recently gotten more interested in using external flashes. They’re great when shooting events or other low lighting situations. Plus it's a more portable way to shoot product on white without the huge set-up. Neewer NW910/MK910 i-TTL For Nikon. BUY HERE or Yongnuo YN-568EX II for Canon. BUY HERE

  4. Aspen’s Pro Pick: These lights are on my wishlist for the year and hopefully I’ve been good enough for Santa to give them to me. This kit has 2 400 watt power lights with 2 light stand, a flash trigger and two of my favorite modifiers: a softbox and small octabox. Elinchrom Lighting Kit D-LITE RX 4/4 SOFTBOX TO GO. BUY HERE

  5. If you aren’t ready to upgrade to pro lights, this kit is under $200 and has everything you need for your first at-home studio. StudioPRO 400 Watt Monolight Strobe Flash Photography Lighting Kit. BUY HERE

Camera Accessories

Holiday Accessories.jpg
  1. Aspen’s Pro Pick: If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram I am OBSESSED with this Vinta camera bag. A random facebook ad from Vinta found its way on my timeline and it's been history. The bags are available for preorder right now so get yours while you still can. BUY HERE

  2. After discovering these unique camera straps on Instagram, I’m also adding these to my Christmas list this year. They are super sturdy to hold even the heaviest of cameras and lenses and provide good support. The mix of stylish leather with the strength of the paracord makes these Monarch VII straps a must have.  BUY HERE

  3. This Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact Advanced Tripod with 3-Way Head is my most recent equipment purchase since I decided to start my own Youtube channel. It’s lightweight but is sturdy enough for my heavy duty camera and lenses. BUY HERE

  4. Add this camera bag to my OBSESSED list. After seeing it on the Rising Tide Society’s Holiday Guide I knew I had to put it on my list. While Vinta’s camera bags appeal to the traveling hipster in me, THEIT’s camera bags appeal to the fashion lover that I am. The look just like regular handbags but can fit pretty much all my daily camera gear. BUY HERE

So, what photography equipment are you investing in this holiday season?


If you have any questions about any of the items I included or are struggling with how to create quality photos for your blog or business leave me a comment below and let me know how I can help. If you’re based in Atlanta I offer numerous packages here for fashion, beauty business, bloggers and models. Don’t be shy and send me an email or comment below.