3 reasons why you should hire a pro photographer for your brand

Deciding to hire a photographer for your business is a big step. It’s an investment in not only your business but your brand. There’s a famous saying that goes, “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” That rings true when it comes to your potential clients. The photos you choose to represent your brand are the first things that your audience will understand about your business. If you’re thinking that you can just grab the nearest hipster teen with a Canon T3i to created branded content that will earn you money then you are sadly mistaken. Photography is more than just pressing a button but the intent and planning behind it.

When thinking about hiring a professional photographer here are 3 reasons why you should give it a go:

Elevates your brand presence

Quality photography can turn your visual presence from a small time operation to a legitimate company to be taken seriously. It’s what set you apart from other brands that are similar in niche. Oftentimes you, as the business or blog owner, need to be in the photos as well. Instead of fiddling around with the self timer function on your iPhone or camera and pulling out the tripod, leave the heavy lifting to an expert that knows how to let your personal and brand personality shine.


Knowledge, skills and equipment

With years of traditional and non-traditional education, pro photographers know how to achieve the desired effect you want for images as well as keeping them “on brand.” Clients show me inspiration photos and mood boards to reflect the vision they see for their images and in turn I’m able to find locations, decide on lighting, cast models and pick hair, makeup and even wardrobe if necessary because of my experience. Professional photographers also will have the desired equipment to effectively get your project done. You wouldn’t hire a photographer that showed up to the shoot with a point and shoot would you? A professional will also know how to properly edit and retouch your images to make them shine. If your photographer has never used Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Camera Raw your red flags should be going off letting you know not to hire them. I find that the best clients know that it was the photographer that crafted the image and not the camera.

Leads to sales

There are many times when you can photograph what you need yourself but not before the launch of your fall collection. Taking a chance on possibly lackluster photography will not only give off a bad impression but it can affect your sales. You can’t expect a customer to pay premium prices with photos of your offerings that suggest discount prices.


As a professional photographer myself I find that my clients love knowing that the vision they have for their brand visuals is in good hands. Why have you hired the photographers that you have worked with? If you haven’t hired one before what are your hesitations about hiring one? Let me know in the comments below!