3 Things I Learned from Capture Integration

As a member of the American Photographic Artist chapter here in Atlanta I got to attend a tech training with Capture Integration. Capture Integration is based out of Atlanta and known for its industry standard software Capture One and the rental and sales of top medium format cameras and digital backs such as Hasselblad, Mamiya and their Phase One system. I was excited to learn whatever I could about Capture One and some of the cameras that work with it since it could be the very thing that gets photographers assisting jobs or bigger clients. So much information was packed into the evening class so I’ll give the highlights that were more on the software side:

Tethering Tips

Tethering is the process of shooting straight from the camera and the images showing up in real time on the computer. It’s great for assessing what needs to be adjusted or isn’t working during a shoot. First off, when tethering make sure that the tether cord is placed in the USB port right next to the charging part in whatever computer you’re using. The closer the cord is to the power source, the fast and more fluid the image capturing process is. Second, connect your tether cord to the computer first then connect it to your camera or the digital back if you are using a medium format camera.

Capture One Troubleshooting and Capture Pilot

According to Capture One, “If Capture One does not provide tethered support for a camera, it is possible to shoot tethered using a camera's proprietary software and a Hot Folder. A Hot Folder, in essence, will make Capture One auto select the newest images added to a (capture) folder.” Basically if you’re in a jam on set and a camera won’t connect to the software then you can create a folder on your computer or hard drive that Capture One will recognize and pull from so you can still view the images in the software.

See: Phase One Knowledge Base for Hot Folder Function in Capture One Pro

Now Capture Pilot is a cool feature a part of Capture One that creates a web based view of a shoot that is currently being tethered in Capture One. So, if you’re tethering during a shoot and don’t wanna everyone clamoring to the computer to see images you can enable Capture Pilot. It will create a web browser to give access to the server the software created and Presto! You’ll be able to give access to the client or other team members of the shoot to view the shoot on their tablets or computers via this server.

See: Capture Integration Blog: Capture Pilot- How to Use the Remote Server

Pouch of Importance

Lastly, we talked about what Capture Integration likes to call the “Pouch of Importance.” It was literally a laundry list of important things to have with you if you are a digital tech, photo assistant or even the photographer. These would be great add-ons to the assistant kit I talked about in this post from the last APA workshop I went to.

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Now, grab your pencils and open up your Amazon browsers for your Pouch of Importance necessities:

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